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1. No linking directly to the images.

In no way do I allow 'remote linking', 'hotlinking', 'inline linking' or any other type of leaching of my bandwidth. If you want to use the images, download the graphics to your hard drive and upload them to your own server.

If your server / webspace provider doesn't allow you to upload images, either get a better host or use an image host that does allow remote linking, such as ImageShack or Photobucket

Why don't I allow this? Every time an image is loaded it puts my data transfer (bandwidth) usage up. If I allow hotlinking maxxblack would soon cost me way too much to host and I would have to pull the images (or link you to Goatse).

2. No site rippers or offline download browsers allowed.

Why not? Same as above, it takes up too much data transfer. I've seen site rippers try to grab EVERY image in a collection and often at break-neck speeds (totally ignoring any server speed limitations!).

3. Please link to us if you find something you like.

OK, Linking to maxxblack isn't *technically* required, but it is very much appreciated! Besides, telling your visitors where to download free images will make them happy to, and it's simply the the nice thing to do. :)

Copyright & Disclaimer
Images does not take any credit for creating all of the images on this site. Many of these files are acquired from various sources which outwardly claim to be "public domain", as well as from visitor submissions, and as such no copyrighted images are included with the knowledge of the creator/maintainer of this site. If any copyrighted material is found within this site, please contact me immediately so that the file(s) can be removed, or appropriate credit given (whichever is preferred).

All recognizable characters, cartoons, images and slogans, and other commercial graphics and trademarks are the sole property of their owners, and or their affiliates. This site is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by these companies or any of their affiliates. The images provided on this site are intended solely for the personal use and enjoyment of the general public, and therefor the use of such material falls under Fair Use Provisions act.

We can not be held accountable for any losses, problems or damages of any kind caused by using these images or any content and or information contained within

Quick Summary

These images are free (to the best of my knowledge) for use in personal web sites, email or blogs, but since there is a chance that there may be copyrights that we haven't found (we do check, but images can be stripped of copyright comments, someone else may take claim of ownership and place them in the public domain etc.) , use is at your own risk. I'd advise strongly against using any of these images for commercial or business endeavors.

Other Sections

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Privacy Statement

We do not keep, use, store or sell any personally identifiable information. Below is a summary of the information we do gather, and how it's used.

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We don't sell, rent, add to newsletters or for that matter, even keep the email address after we reply to anyone that contacts us. I thinks The Stocks should be brought back and used on spammers.

Visitor Tracking & / or Cookies tracks visitor traffic patterns and at times uses cookies and your IP address so that we can better understand the information, as well as to help diagnose problems with our website and / or server.

None of the information gathered by contains personally identifiable information, only broad demographic patterns (examples include which pages are visited most often, where the inbound traffic is coming from and going to, exit pages, etc.). This information is gathered for the sole purpose of helping us understand what will most benefit our visitors so that we can continue to bring content that best fits visitor interests.

Some of these trackers may place cookies. None of the information in the cookie is personally identifiable, again it simply lets us gather broad demographic information. These cookies are used to be able to see return visits vs. rapid exits etc.

If you prefer not to accept cookies, you can set your browser to either disallow cookies altogether (some sites however will not work with cookies off, so use with caution) or have your browser alert you when a site is using a cookie. Either of these actions shouldn't cause a problem with viewing, however some website features may not be available to you.

Privacy - Quick Summary

Basically any information we do track is never used for any purpose other than to better adjust our content for a better visitor experience. There is no way we will ever sell anything we gather, and anything that is gathered doesn't give us personal details. Email addresses will never be sold, rented, lent out or even kept after we reply.