Hello and Welcome to my site. This site is mainly to help me organize media that interests me, Sci-fi, Computers, Games, Movies, Hotwheels, Plastic Models, Humor, Beautiful Ladies, and anything that I enjoy (list not necessarily in order). If any of this sounds interesting, then please have a look around and enjoy.
Below are some stamps I found on DeviantArt.com. I thought they were a good way of expressing my interests and ideologies.
Flag stamp Real Men read stamp firefox stamp boobies stamp Red Hair stamp Glasses are Sexy stamp i Love Tea stamp I love cheese stamp
emo stamp Growing old stamp anti-PETA stamp pro-red meat stamp crunchy stamp evil laugh stamp lego stamp Pocky stamp
Jones Soda stamp Toyota stamp            
Agnostic stamp Evolution stamp Religion stamp blank blank blank blank blank
Sci-fi / Fantasy
Babylon 5 stamp Babylon 5 sleeping in the light stamp Farscape stamp Farscape also stamp Star Wars stamp SW Green lightsaber stamp Rebel Scum stamp Lord of the Rings stamp
Firefly stamp Star Trek stamp Star Trek Vulcan stamp Star Trek Worf stamp Star Trek Q stamp SG-1 stamp Stargate SG1 stamp Stargate Atlantis stamp
No Spoon stamp Harry Potter Books stamp Harry Potter Tonks stamp hitchhikers guide stamp HGttG stamp      
Anime & Cartoons
Akira stamp Bleach stamp Bleach Youroichi stamp Bleach Rukia stamp Hellsing stamp Ghost in the Shell stamp Black Lagoon stamp Black Lagoon Revy stamp
Mizuho Kazami stamp Kei Stole my Woman stamp Dragon Ball stamp Dragon Ball Z stamp Dragon Ball GT stamp Trigun stamp Death Note stamp Fullmetal Alchemist stamp
Naruto stamp Naruto Shippuuden stamp Naruto Sakura stamp Naruto Temari stamp Avatar stamp Avatar Toph stamp Howl's Moving Castle stamp Hyper Police stamp
Kanon stamp Reboot stamp Cowboy Bebop stamp Trinity Blood stamp Witch Hunter Robin stamp NGE stamp Rurouni Kenshin stamp Rahxephon stamp
Vampire hunter D stamp Witchblade stamp Ergo Proxy stamp Samurai Champloo stamp Tranformers stamp Voltron stamp G.I. Joe stamp Bender stamp
Ariel stamp Freakazoid stamp Thundercats stamp Pinky & the Brain stamp        
Video Games
WoW stamp WoW Alliance stamp Wii stamp Wii owner stamp Portal stamp Portal cake stamp Half Life 2 stamp The Legend of Zelda stamp
Guitar Hero stamp Doom stamp            
Television & Movies
NCIS stamp NCIS Abby stamp Holy Grail stamp Bakc to the Future stamp Blues Brothers stamp Doctor Who stamp Ghost Hunters stamp Robot Chicken stamp
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